Lonker See – One Eye Sees Red LP (black)


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On April 5th 2018 Instant Classic released a brand new album from Lonker See. Entitled “One Eye Sees Red”, the record consists of three complex tracks with a running time of over 40 minutes. .

“I believe this album shows our departure from stoner rock/psychedelic inspirations to improvised structures with a more complex approach to Lonker See’s sound,” explains Joanna Kucharska (bass, vocals). Recording session took place in January 2018 in Monochrom Studio. “The key actor in this process was our producer Haldor Grunberg who added a bright and selective sound to our playing,” she adds.

“Before entering the studio we made sure each track had it’s own structure more or less finished, meaning completed. But we also decided to leave some space for improvising,” recalls Kucharska. “And so the album became a mixture of our individual experiences. There’s no main thought or motif behind it but we made sure that the songs have a sound that creates a bigger hole,” Joanna says.

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