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November 30th marks the release date of a second full length album from Warsaw-based punky garage trio Guiding Lights. Entitled “Not Much War”, the record consists of 12 songs about life and death and 1 about apes.

“I think the main difference between our debut album and the new one comes down to the fact that we’re now more tight players as a band,” says Łukasz Ciszak (vocals, guitar). “Our first songs were written with a thought that Guiding Lights could become a solo project instead of a real group while the new ones are a product of our band rehearsals. What took us by surprise is the tempo that in slowest parts does not come down under 180bpm and most often stays around 190bpm. We also decided to track more guitar parts and leave some space for Asia’s vocals. There’s even a synth hidden somewhere under the layers of fuzz,” he adds.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to notice that Guiding Lights’ lyrics deal with negative aspects of life. “We still focus on midlife crisis and even though we managed to work out some part of it on our debut album, it turns out that thanks to our new adventures there’s plenty to write about,” explains Asia Świderska (vocals,bass). “There are some lyrics inspired by books from Philip Roth and Hubert Selby Jr. and one is written from the perspective of chimpanzee Nim Chimpsky, a victim of a failed experiment.”

And while they clearly know that it’s no longer 1991 and Warsaw’s pretty far away from New York, Guiding Lights still have a lot to say in the field of melodic garage punk.

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