Lotto – Elite Feline LP (black)


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“Elite Feline” is the second album from Lotto – a trio of Łukasz Rychlicki (Kristen), Mike Majkowski (Hailu Mergia Trio) and Paweł Szpura (Hera, Wovoka). Consisting of two hypnotic compositions clocking in just over 40 minutes, “Elite Feline” will surely be one 2016’s musical highlights.

– The main difference between “Elite Feline” and our debut album lies in the way we approached composing. This time we were more focused when entering the studio, having the basic structures and motiffs prepared – says Lotto’s guitarist Łukasz Rychlicki. – Contrary to limited additions to our basic instruments then, this time we decided to include more subtle effects as well as a post-production dub works courtesy of 1988 (Syny) – he adds.

If there is one main concept binding together “Elite Feline”, it’s a consequent creation of a consistent, hypnotic musical narrative. – We spent a lot of time during our rehearsals just learning how to be patient in order to achieve the desired trance and what you may call a unity of sound – explains Rychlicki. – We slowly became one living, breathing organism built on resonance. Our instruments – straight bass, guitar and drums – took part in creating this one chord that sounds so powerful.

Album’s title and cover art bear no common meaning since musicians decided to left some space open for listeners to interpret. “Elite Feline” is just a sound of words taken from John Fante’s writings. And the front cover is a piece of Radek Szlaga’s painting.

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