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On September 29 2017 Classic released a farewell album from one of Poland’s best garage rock bands – The Stubs. Entitled “Let’s Die”, the record consists of 11 songs ranging from bluesy punk to full throttle rock’n’roll.

“Most people would choose a fast and loud exit from this World rather than slow and painful death. We chose a third option: a one that you can call euthanasia,” says band’s drummer Radek. “If only I could make my own choice, I’d prefer to die not really knowing about it. In this case it came out the way it did but we need to remember that noone lives forever,” adds Łukasz (bass). “When you make an informed choice as The Stubs did, I would like to make it as loud as possible,” sums up The Stubs’ frontman Tomek.

“Let’s Die” is a very straight in-your-face record. No lovely ballads, no hyper-fast guitar solos and unnecessary intros. To put it short: it’s 100% The Stubs. “After our concerts with one of Poland’s best known rock musicians some folks were joking that we should make a pop album. No way, man! We like to play raw,” explains Radek. “You could maybe say that the way this album sounds is a product of a big effort we decided to put into the songs. Some were completed as early as after our previous album had been completed and we could play them live, test them in front of a live audience,” recalls Łukasz.

The neon light you see on the front cover of “Let’s Die” is real. “Guys wanted to get me some work, I guess. I’ve been designing and making neon lights for about a year now but when this idea popped up, I was a little skeptical at first. I just couldn’t imagine Tomek’s artwork become a set of pipes with shining gas inside. As you can see, it came out really nice. Our photographer friend shot this picture and the original neon will most likely find its spot in our label’s office,” says the bass player.

On November 5 The Stubs will play their last gig together in Warsaw’s own Pogłos club. That’s a good moment to ask the band about their best memories connected to playing in the group. “I think it’s the people we met on the road and places we managed to visit. But the most important is that despite our different characters we managed to keep our friendship alive and follow the same dream,” explains Radek. And what about the worst ones? “I think that everyone has their own ‘time of your life’ that you can’t simply spot when it happens and it’s only years later that you can recall what you really experienced. That’s also when your worst stories become your best. I decide to keep all my memories of The Stubs alive,” adds Tomek.

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