Wild Books – 2 LP (black)


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On May 29 2017 Instant Classic released “2” – a new album from Warsaw-based garage rocking trio Wild Books.

“2” contains six brand new tracks that may surprise those familiar with the band’s debut album released over 3 years ago. “Much has changed since then, both with the band and in the reality that surrounds us,” explains Grzegorz Wiernicki (guitar, vocal). “This record is much shorter and the songs derive from traditional song structures that you may remember from the first one. We’ve got some noisy rockers here such as ‘We Just Want To’ as well as longer and more complex, like ‘Perfect Machine’. All of them were recorded by the duo of me and Karol (drums). Live, we added a bass player,” Wiernicki adds.

“The recording session took place in the same summer house where we recorded the first album and it took us around 2-3 days. The oldest tracks date back to 2014 and the freshest ones are about one year younger. We started playing them live as soon as they were completed,” says Wiernicki.

“2” is definitely more distorted and raw than its predecessor but rest assured: new songs are as catchy as it gets!

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