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“Nomads” is the second studio album from Warsaw-based group So Slow.

Album expands the idea introduced on band’s frist record “Dharavi”, i.e. humanity’s confrontation with an unpredictable reality of rapidly changing technological, economic, social and political aspects of our times.

Musicaly, So Slow stay true to their perfected formula of post-punk and post-hardcore with the addition of raw, amorphic electronics and further deconstruction of rockist structures that somehow became rooted in modern-day music scene.

The thick layers of guitars, synths and vocals are now even more entwined thanks to the work of Marcin Klimczak from Mustache Ministry Studio, who handled the majority of recordings, mixing and mastering. As the band say, his experience made them sound more aggressive and… cold.

“Nomads” consists of five new compositions inspired by a very important – and still up-to-date – book: Zygmunt Bauman’s “Globalization: The Human Consequences”. The book deals with constantly moving characters who seek tranquility in a World that resembles a panopticon. This movement became the most expensive commodity and at the sime time the only means for survival.

“Nomads” is the band’s last album recorded by the original lineup.

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