X-Navi:Et – Soundtracks for the Dying Moments LP

Debut solo album from Rafał Iwański (HATI, Kapital, Innercity Ensemble, Alameda 5). Electro-acoustic ambient at its finest.


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“Soundtracks for the Dying Moments” is the title of Rafał Iwański’s full-length solo debut album, released on limited to 250 copies vinyl via Instant Classic.

“X-NAVI:ET is based on analogue modified electric and acoustic instruments. I’m talking about small percussive instruments, medium-sized gongs, Chinese and Arabic clarinets and found objects” – explains Iwański.

“Soundtracks for the Dying Moments” was carefully composed with the attention towards every small detail. It resembles a kind of musical storytelling. “It was crucial to create it as a story with memorable scenes, something like a movie to listen to. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the one and only logic of the sequences-compositions. I’m glad that people are coming back to traditional records and magnetic tapes which is a more holistic way of listening”.

The album is released in a limited run of only 250 copies. 140gr LP is packed in handmade covers.

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