Raphael Rogiński – Talàn CD


1. Listopad
2. Cliffs And The Sea
3. Electron
4. Lyre
5. Talán
6. Flickering Grace
7. Carpathian Transition
8. Night


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„Talán” is the title of Raphael Rogiński’s new solo album that comes out on September 7th via Instant Classic label. Rogiński – Polish guitarist, composer and musicologist, received recognition not only as a member of the Shofar trio where he performs with saxophonist Mikołaj Trzaska and percussionist Macio Moretti but also thanks to his astounding takes on John Coltrane’s music released in 2015 „Plays John Coltrane And Langston Hughes African Mystic Music”.

„Talán” is a very old (probably Scythian) word that can be translated as „maybe” and that’s where my musical approach comes from – I take something in order to lose something else, Rogiński explains. It’s a constant process of achieving goals by getting rid of others and I’m fixated on this idea. It’s also a meditation upon a process, a calm observation, he adds.

„Talán” is also a result of Rogiński’s fascination with the Black Sea. All of the tracks are somehow connected to it and some were composed in Odessa – a city often thought of as a gateway to Asia. This is where my some of my ancestors arrived to Europe, says Raphael. When working on these tunes I came to know the Black Sea both physically and spiritually. What’s interesting, it’s been once called Inhospitable Sea only to later turn into Hospitable Sea. A myth was tamed and when the mystery disappeared and different civilizations met, a new myth came into life.

You may notice an unorthodox sound of this album and please be aware that this is intended. It came straight from my heart. I wanted this music to sound as if played right next to the listener and that’s why you may notice strange background noises recorded when I was playing – explains Raphael.

The album was composed over a couple of years and took many attempts at the recording. My patience is usually very limited so this has been a strange experience for me. But traveling the region of the Black Sea and discovering its nature within myself required time. Our world is full of wonders and awes and traveling (both physically as well as emotionally) remains one of the most important aspects of living, Rogiński admits.

Recorded at Teatr Pinokio and W Dobrym Tonie Studio by Paweł Maciak, Jacek Trzeszczyński. Mastered by Werner Dafeldecker. Graphic design by Agnieszka Zwara.

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