Pimpono 2+4 – Past And Future Don’t Exist And Now Is The Rhythm CD


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“Past And Future Don’t Exist And Now is The Rhythm” is a new studio album from the international group Pimpono 2+4 lead by drummer and percussionist Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek.

“This record can be viewed as a suite, one large piece divided into tracks,” Pimpon explains. “I usually have a specific direction that I follow when working on new projects. In this case it’s dealing with rhythmic correlations between different voices, like e.g. when drums are playing a steady groove, horns stick to a different measure and others have a flexible tempo,” he adds.

Those already familiar with Pimpon’s discography should be well aware that he’s not limiting his output only to jazz-related music. “It’s a dynamic and ever-changing thing for me, often related to what instruments I am playing or what ideas I want to try,” he says. “I don’t feel like I belong to a specific genre or scene. It’s more about people I am playing with and about creating my own music that’s free of limitations and constraints.”

Pimpono 2+4 presents a clear musical direction despite a wide range of influences. “You may find inspiration in jazz, free jazz or traditional music from around the globe but there’s also another side of the story that’s obvious when listening to drum beats that have more in common with creative rock or even pop music,” Pimpon explains. “What’s more, we decided to make use of different effects during the mixing stage and it gave us a wider perspective. Plus there’s also a more conceptual thinking involved such as in ‘The Rhythm’ where silence and pauses play a key role and it is up to the musicians when the next sound will appear. I even decided to introduce some limitations during the writing process that forced me to squeeze the notation to a single handwritten A4-format page,” he adds.

Pimpono 2+4:

Jonas Due – trumpet
Kristian Tangvik – tuba
Mats Egetoft – tenor sax
Hasse Bruun – drums, percussion
Jędrzej Łagodziński – baritone sax
Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek – drums, percussion


1. Past
2. and Future
3. Don’t Exist
4. Pre-Past
5. and Now is
6. The Rhythm
7. Post-Future

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