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On June 15 2015 Instant Classic released “Aurora” – a second album from free jazz-ambient trio Alchimia. The album comes out in a limited run of only 100 copies in a digipack with a beautiful artwork by Kuba Sokólski (Merkabah).

“Aurora” is a result of the same recording session as “Lucile” (band’s debut album released last year) but the music appears somewhat starker and rawer, yet at the same time unveiling band’s trademark meditative vibes. “It’s just a coincidence, really” – admits Alchimia’s bassist Robert Iwanik. “We don’t feel that ‘Aurora’ lacks something in comparison to ‘Lucile’. It’s just that in terms of mood those tracks stand out. It’s still Alchimia but we ventured into more abstract realms with this one” – he adds.

The artwork for the album was created by Kuba Sokólski – a graphic designer and drummer in Merkabah. “There were a couple of reasons why we decided to work with Kuba. First of all, I’m a big fan of both his graphic design and drumming in Merkabah and that’s why I asked the other members if they wanted him to create artwork for Alchimia” – says Iwanik. “Before that I wanted to maintain graphic control over my musical endeavors but now it worked out really good with Kuba holding the steering wheel. The outcome of his work is amazing. The other reason for working with him was our will to keep things within the Instant Classic family” – adds Iwanik.

It appears that Alchimia will remain a studio-only project, mainly because of the big distances that keep musicians apart. But the band is willing to answer interesting concert offers.

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