Hinode Tapes – Hinode Tapes LP


1. Hinode Tapes #01
2. Hinode Tapes #02
3. Hinode Tapes #03
4. Hinode Tapes #04
5. Hinode Tapes #05


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Vinyl version of Polish improvising trio Hinode Tapes’ debut album.

But don’t be fooled into thinking they’re newcomers to the scene – you may know their other bands and projects, such as Nanook of the North, Nene Heroine or wh0wh0. Piotr Chęcki (saxophone, sampler, OP-1), Piotr Kaliński (guitar, looper) and Jacek Prościński (percussion, log drum) venture onto a completely new musical path, blending ambient, free jazz and post-rock. Thanks to its improvised roots, Hinode Tapes feels both organic and focused.

Hinode (日の出) is a Japanese sunrise and true to its name, the project operates on minimal yet very picturesque soundscapes. The trio shuns from easily labelled esthetics and closed musical forms, laying heavy trance-based foundations instead.

„Hinode Tapes” was mixed by Kaliński who also came up with a graphic design. Cover photo is credited to Kamila Romejko, while mastering was done by Michał Kupicz.

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