E/I – extension / immersion LP


1. excitement
2. endurance
3. exhaustion
4. inność
5. incredible


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Limited edition black vinyl released by Love & Beauty Music.

Second album from improvising septet E/I lead by composer and percussionist Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek. Album consists of five instrumental tracks that could be described as a closing gap between acoustic ambient and improv soundscapes.

“E/I still relies on the same foundation since the project started and it is focused on sound emission and accompanying intentions of performing musicians,” explains Gąsiorek. “All other factors are marginalized on purpose and that could be described as the primary reason for ascetic composition structures. What’s changed between the two albums is the band itself – we’ve been joined by Pauline Hogstrand on viola,” he adds.

New album was recorded as a live performance in a now defunct water tower located in Brønshøj (Copenhagen). “Acoustics there are extraordinary because the sound reverberates for around 40 seconds adding an extra layer of sound to E/I music. During the mixing stage I wanted to expose both the close sounds of our instruments and this majestic space we performed at,” Gąsiorek says.

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