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May 17 2017 marks the release date of “Krautpark” – the debut album from Pin Park. Pin Park are a duo consisting of Maciek Bączyk (Kristen, Robotobibok) and Maciek Polak. Together they explore the nether regions of improvised electronic music mixing influences ranging from Cluster to Boards of Canada.

“We’ve known each other for years now. We met when Bączyk’s synth broke down just before he was supposed to enter the studio with Robotobibok and he was looking for a replacement. I agreed to lend him mine,” recalls Polak. “But it was only two years ago when we started improvising together,” adds Bączyk. “Both of us own EMS synths and these are not that common. We didn’t set ourselves any goals, the band started by assuming two EMS’s are better than one. We plugged them in and the result will soon land in your hands in the form of ‘Krautpark’ album,” recalls Polak.

“EMS synths have an unique system of connections between counterparts – you can do that by inserting a pin that allows for connections. As well, EMS constructors managed to assemble a perfect set of parts that resulted in a wonderful sound. Thanks to all of this, the Synthi resembles a complete musical instrument, much like a cello”, explains Polak. “I personally enjoy Synthi AKS mainly due to the fact that I’m not what you would call a keyboard player,” adds Bączyk. “I’m not that interested in being innovative just for the sake of innovation,” he says.

Pin Park’s album is named after one of the tracks that recalls the golden age of German electronic music. “This one seemed pretty obvious although you need to know that our aim is not to create a genre-oriented music. We just turn the knobs and hope for the right energy to arrive. Once everything is in its place, we start recording. But it needs to be mentioned that I feel some kind of affinity for bands such as Cluster, Harmonia and Kraftwerk. I really like the approach Roedelius and Moebius had – living up to the idea of Joseph Beuys “Every man an artist”. They chose their tools (instruments) and recorded a couple of amazing albums. Their music is really intuitive and void of any false additions. It’s just free improvising and pure, surreal psychedelia,” explains Bączyk.

“Krautpark” is a largely improvised album. Mostly, due to the fact that Bączyk and Polak need around 15-20 minutes of playing before learning if the direction they’re taking is the right one. “If it is, we quickly agree on who will be taking the lead role, we turn the volume down and start recording. We usually take one approach, though a multitrack one to facilitate mixing later in the process,” says Bączyk.

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