Hizbut Jámm CD


1. Caada Gi
2. La Chose
3. Mbokk yi
4. Endepandãas
5. Taaru Naa
6. Bab’s


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On January 12 2024 Polish record label Instant Classic will release a debut album from Hizbut Jámm – a band lead by guitarist and composer Raphael Rogiński. Hizbut Jámm was formed by musicians from different places and different musical backgrounds. Aside from Rogiński, it consists of vocalist and guitarist Mamadou Ba, kora player Noums Dembele and drummer and percussionist Paweł Szpura.

„Hizbut Jámm came into life in a different world, before the pandemic and wars,” explains Rogiński. „The name of our band can be translated as Brotherhood For Peace and we intend to perform our music in the name of coexistence. During the pandemic we couldn’t play live so we spent this time working on our debut album. What could earlier be perceived as distant issues, suddenly became very familiar and as a result of these events our intentions turned out more focused. We are creating space where everyone can be together,” he adds.

All songs are composed by Rogiński with lyrics written by Mamadou Ba. „It’s not African music though you will hear some of its influences,” Raphael clarifies. “I prefer to perceive Hizbut Jámm as a modern band that is crossing huge geographical distances. What is most important is meeting each other and creating our own soundtrack to the world surrounding us,” he says.

What becomes apparent at once, is that Hizbut Jámm performs its music in a passionate and energetic way. “Hope is one of the driving forces here. Hope, trance and happiness. It’s not a side- or studio project, it’s a big part of my musical journey,” Rogiński admits.

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