On August 30th Instant Classic will release a debut album from instrumental/post-rock trio Trys Saulės. The album, entitled “***”, consists of five spacious tracks based on hypnotic rhythms and raw, distorted guitars.

“I met Artur (Krychowiak, guitar) at his solo concert under the Nowa Ziemia monicker,” recalls Marcin Dymiter (guitar). “We tried to organize some rehearsals afterwards but for a pretty long time we couldn’t match our schedules. It dawned on me that we should maybe try and arrange for Dominika (Korzeniecka, drums) to join us. We’ve known each other for a while and I really appreciate her musical sense, intuition and the way she plays drums. When we first met as a trio it quickly became obvious that there’s more to our playing than just a sum of all its parts,” adds Dymiter.

For listeners familiar with Marcin’s impressive discography and musical past, both in his solo (as Emiter) and collective (Mapa, Ewa Braun) endeavours, it may come as a some surprise that he decided to come back to a more rock-based group formula. “I haven’t played in what you can call a regular rock band for some time now but it doesn’t mean I gave up on guitar as an instrument,” he explains. “Just to mention two albums released as Niski Szum and my contributions to “Pępek Świata” compilation and a soundtrack to Marcina Borchardt’s movie ‘Beksińscy. Album wideofoniczny’. Guitar doesn’t always need to be present as it can only serve as an idea, creating a specific approach to thinking about sound,” Dymiter says.

“As Trys Saulės we had an aim of creating instrumental music deprived of traditional song structures relying heavily on long sounds, repetitions and raw sounding guitars. Our tracks leave a lot of space for improvising and each time we play them live they sound different. Song titles are the only part where we could add some lyrical meaning to the music and these came courtesy of Marcin,” explains Artur. “I think it was during a cigarette break that we discussed our favourite bands. Then we took our instruments and that’s what came from it. After our first rehearsal as a group we already had what you can call song structures that got completed in a next couple of meetings,” says Dominika. “It happens every couple of years that I am able to meet people who are so focused on playing music that you don’t have to burn your time trying to reach some kind of agreement on the musical direction. That’s when sound allows us to get on the same plane and I value it very much,” adds Marcin.

“***” was recorded almost entirely live. “When you decide to choose this way of working, you get closer to the truth. What you hear on the record is what you will hear during our live performances,” admits Dominika. “Each track took a couple of takes and based on this we were able to select the best ones that landed on the record. We wanted to avoid producing our music on a laptop and then try and replicate that on stage,” adds Artur.


1. Nad rzeką wiszą chmury
2. W powietrzu unosi się pył z południa
3. Wszystko zastyga na chwilę
4. Ten kamień przypomina świat
5. Nad głową trzy słońca

Graphic design: Nina Adrjanczyk
Photo: Paweł Jóźwiak

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