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“Polish Space Program” is the second album from Warsaw-based synth trio Xenony. It contains nine new songs that took the band far from their chip-tune roots.

“I would call it a new chapter, not a revolution,” explains Piotr Bukowski (Duży Jack, Hokei, “Tutaj”). “Our beginnings drew a lot of inspiration from the retro world of video games while now we’re more rooted in sci-fi movies and literature. We changed our sound but deep in our hearts we’re still nerdy boys dreaming of space and time travels,” adds Paweł Bebech.

One year after “XE” saw the light of day Bukowski invited Karol Koszniec (Nowa Romantyka) and Paweł Bebech (Duży Jack) to help him recreate Xenony’s debut album in a live setting. Little did he expect that it would turn into a new version of his band. “Our first record was created using computers and was entirely composed by myself,” Bukowski recalls. “‘Polish Space Program’ is the outcome of numerous rehearsals and even though we’ve been using the same instruments, we decided to try a different approach to composing our songs,” adds Paweł.

In case you’re wondering if there’s anything even remotely resembling Polish Space Program outside of Xenony’s record, we’ll leave you with this riddle for a while. “In a way it’s an inside joke but trust me, we would love to see Polish space expeditions happen in the real life,” Bebech explains. “We love the fact that space travels expose human maladjustment to live outside of our planet. This fatalism is deeply rooted in Stanisław Lem’s and Philip K. Dick’s books,” adds Bukowski.

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