The Dead Goats – Path of the Goat CD


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Terrorizer (5/5): “Path of the Goat” sounds like a chainsaw and is as catchy as it is evil as fuck: it grinds, rocks and is a primo example of death metal sliding down Hell’s slippery slope into the waiting bosom of the darkest of dark lords.

“I’m not sure what kind of magic is at work here, but ‘Path of the Goat’ sounds (to say it nicely) ace. It’s heavy, dirty and powerful. Most d-beat bands would shit themselves after hearing this album. (…) There’s only one thing to do here: scream on top of your lungs ‘Dismember is dead, long live The Dead Goats’, put on your denim vest and march on to see them live” – Arek Lerch, Violence Online

“L.G. Petrov would be proud” – Łukasz Dunaj, T-Mobile Music

Oldschool death’n’roll/death metal from the members of Neuropathia. Heavily inspired by Entombed and Dismember. Raw, indecent & obscene! Comes in a limited edition digipack.