Obiekty – Czarne Miasto CD

1. Wawel 12:53
2. Halny 10:39
3. Ku sobie 11:43
4. Czarne miasto 10:00


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June 28th marks the release date of a debut album from Obiekty – a band formed by members of Kaseciarz, Laxity and Bad Light District. Entitled “Czarne miasto” (“Black City”), it consists of four tracks recorded during an improvised session in Kraków.

Deeply rooted in guitar-based psychedelia reminiscent of Spacemen 3 and even Loop, Obiekty don’t forget their trance and impro roots. “All four tracks came to life during the recording session of ‘Czarne miasto’,” says guitarist and vocalist Maciek Nowacki. “We recorded around two hours of music and some of this was also used on one of our 2018 EPs,” he recalls.

Obiekty’s six string core are Maciek Nowacki and Bartosz Leśniewski who also perform and record as a duo. And while they do admit that their mutual playing contributes to the sound of “Czarne miasto”, Obiekty as a band operates with different dynamics. “We have a strong rhythm section that is very open to improvisation and I am also using my voice here,” says Nowacki. “But that’s mainly driven by a concept of an urban tale described in the lyrics,” he adds.

“Black City” is of course band’s hometown of Kraków. “I was thinking about January-February timeframe that is a dead season for the city,” explains Nowacki. “Tourists that came for the New Year’s Eve party are already gone and Spring is nowhere to be seen. It’s a time of total depression and you’re trapped in this urban black hole with air pollution adding to the overall gloom. But in reality I think that there’s something hostile in those urban landscapes and yet people tend to surround themselves with huge concrete monoliths”.


Obiekty live in Poland:

19.06 – Kraków, Alchemia

20.06 – Warszawa, Chmury

21.06 – Gorzów Wielkopolski, MagnetOffOn

22.06 – Poznań, Klub Pod Minogą

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