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New Rome is a solo project from Tomasz Bednarczyk. His new album entitled “Somewhere” comes out on January 30 via Instant Classic label.

“Somewhere” consists of 10 instrumental tracks that may be labelled under “ambient” but in all honesty it’s more of a full-blown ambient deconstruction reminiscent of Tim Hecker’s sonic experiments.

“While working with Tomasz Mreńca on what became ‘Venter’ album I managed to collect a lot of music that ended up fulfilling my vision and concept of New Rome”, says Bednarczyk. “These sounds are deeply rooted in Eastern European culture with all its ambitions. On a more private level I wanted to create a link to a time when I released my first records but I filtered it out through my later experiences. Now I am confident that I managed to achieve this goal”, he adds.

“Somewhere” takes up where New Rome’s previous album “Nowhere” left. “It’s also a sort of farewell to another musical chapter in my life”, explains Bednarczyk. “This record takes the listener on a journey. In a way it’s an conceptual album but on the other hand – also accidental. I guess you may say that this one brings to mind darker soundscapes”.

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