New Rome – New Rome CD

1. Opening Scene
2. Cold Farewell (feat. Lass)
3. Ghost Blast
4. Broken Harmony (feat. Wojtek Kurek)
5. True Love (feat. Mikael)
6. Set to Fail x Snake Oil (feat. Torn Shore)
7. Childish Comeback (feat. Baasch)
8. Lost Sequence
9. Acid Train
10. Authentic (feat. Misia Furtak & Gary Holldman)
11. What If I (feat. Hania Rani)
12. Some Summer Day (feat. Tom J)
13. Something (feat. Tomasz Mreńca)


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“New Rome” is the brand new album from Tomasz Bednarczyk’s solo project New Rome that will see its release June 28th on Instant Classic label. This time Tomasz decided to invite some guests including Misia Furtak, Hania Rani and Tomasz Mreńca.

“This idea accompanied me for some time now,” Bednarczyk recalls. “But it’s only now that it came to life, mainly thanks to my experience as a music producer and musician. This project allowed me to gain a broader view on how inspiration may impact my own work,” he adds.

Tomasz admits that his guest list took different shapes during the time he was working on this album. “I knew most of the musicians before but there are some that came into my view quite recently. From the very beginning I wanted to select artists associated with different genres but at the same time willing to step outside their comfort zones. The way I worked was to provide a draft version of a track, send it to my collaborator and see what he or she came up with,” Bednarczyk explains.

But it would be an overstatement to say that “New Rome” relies only invited guests’ input. Over the years Tomasz released his solo albums he managed to work out a distinctive sound on the verge of ambient and club music. He is still open to trying new paths. “My new record may be perceived as a personal interpretation of how ‘pop’ can be merged with something more ‘avantgarde’. I think that this approach makes my new tracks accessible but still quite surprising,” he says.


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