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On 23 November 2017 Instant Classic released a brand new album from Lotto.Entitled “VV”, it consists of 5 instrumental tracks exploring the outer regions of trance-based music. CD version comes in a digipack.

“There’s always this brief period when we start pondering about the direction of our music but usually it turns out to be completely unnecessary. Whatever we may plan ahead, our playing always takes us the other way round,” admits guitarist Łukasz Rychlicki. “In case of ‘VV’ we didn’t think about our previous record, ‘Elite Feline’. We never look back.”

Lotto’s work on the new tracks started with long improvisations. “Our standard way of working is meeting in the rehearsal space and playing whatever we feel like,” says Rychlicki. “You just need to be very patient and there’s always something that will make things move forward. This time we had only one agenda: to move away from the sound of guitar and bass playing together. That’s where the upright bass together with the electric bass guitar came into the picture and changed our sound in a significant way,” he adds.

“I think that ‘VV’ is a very concise record but I wouldn’t like to add more context to it. I believe that everyone can interpret the music anyway they want. We prefer to keep those things open.” Rychlicki says.

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