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“2nd Sight” is the title of a second album from Poland’s experimental group Ketha. It was released on January 16th 2012 via Instant Classic label.

“2nd Sight” was recorded in Spaart and Tone Industria studios, mixed by Piotr Łukaszewski (Red Studio) and mastered by Szymon Czech. It will be released as a limited edition digipack.

– This time we focused on the coherence of the songs – says mrtrip (guitar and vocals). – At the very early stage we already knew that the tracks were supposed to be connected, creating a bigger whole. You won’t find any accidental sounds here, the songs are thoroughly planned and trance-like. The recording sessions were a real pain in the ass but now, having the album in our hands, we know that it was worth the effort – adds mrtrip.

“2nd Sight” will surely attract fans of Meshuggah and Genghis Tron but also a wide array of post-metal bands (already having toured Europe with Minsk). Preorders come with an additional remix of “take 1″ with more to come.

“Ketha’s second album is the perfect example of how to create music that continues to fascinate with it’s departure from current trends, complete in it’s independence, difficult and demanding” – Arek Lerch, Violence Online