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“Gay Acid” is the title of Kaseciarz’s third album. Contrary to “Motörcycle Rock And Roll” and “Surfin’ Małopolska”, new songs move even further away from band’s trademark trashy-surf sound, constituting something that can be named the World’s first (and – what’s very likely – last) trashy rock opera.

“Gay Acid” tells a story of an unnamed musician, a one-time member of 70’s rock band DuVraine Connection (eventually he got kicked off due to substance abuse).

We meet him nowadays when he’s struggling to get by, abandoned by his wife and kids. To make things worse, he’s running out of cash earned while storming the charts with DuVraine Connection. He needs to seek some wealth or else…

Then, one night, while zapping, he encounters a commercial of a modern day shaman who offers conducting a ritual of opening the Third Eye. This ritual is supposed to give its participants a new perspective on life. Our musician decides to try his luck. He meets the shaman in a cabin in the woods and during the conversation tells him about some savings hidden underneath the wooden floor. Shaman quickly changes the topic and advises our musician to write a protest song that will bring him his long-lost fame.

As you probably guessed by now, the mixture prepared by the shaman has absolutely nothing to do with spiritual experiences. It rather paralyses the body and causes unwanted hallucinations, allowing the shaman to steal the money and… Well, you know what. The next day our musician wakes up swollen and hungover. He knows well by now that he’s become The Failure Man.

What’s the moral of this story? Don’t trust the tv commercials. THE END.

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