Jachna / Mazurkiewicz / Buhl – Dźwięki ukryte CD


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“Dźwięki ukryte” is the first album from a trio of Wojciech Jachna (Innercity Ensemble), Jacek Mazurkiewicz (3Fonia) and Jacek Buhl (Alameda 5). “Dźwięki ukryte” consists of eight improvised compositions recorded in September 2015 in a synagogoue in Bydgoszcz-Fordon.

“Dźwięki ukryte” (meaning “Hidden sounds” in Polish) is a set of compositions “found” within the walls of an old synagogoue that is being brought back to life by the Foundation of Kazimierz Wielki University.

– It was Jacek Mazurkiewicz’s idea that we work together but it was a long, long time ago – recalls Wojciech Jachna. – In 2015 we met at the OFF Festival where we managed to discuss some details of how this project could go along. The synagogoue was my idea, mainly because this place hosts a lot of interesting cultural events lately. What is more interesing is that this huge and empty space lacks the usual church-like echo – he adds.

– It turned out that Jacek Mazurkiewicz has all the equipment needed to record this album outside of the studio. It doesn’t mean that we gave up on an idea of studio recordings but together with Jachna we tried to use different spaces for our albums – be they old libraries, dusty attics or even an airdock – says drummer Jacek Buhl. – Whatever you were thinking about the Bydgoszcz-Fordon synagogue, there are almost no relics of past times, since it’s either been robbed or destroyed. But one thing remains intact: an amazing atmosphere of this place and beatiful acoustics..

The recording session was no less a spontaneous meeting. – The coolest thing about it is that we could feel our spirits rekindle. We instantly caught a specific kind of a feeling. Jacek (Mazurkiewicz) also uses electronics in his playing. That’s one of the reasons wy he managed to melt into our duo with Jachna. I think the title of this album represents the music in a perfect way – what we found in the synagogue are not only the sounds played by our instruments but also the ambience of the street outside, together with the noise of passing cars and people talking – says Buhl. – This music is a sum of our personal energies and musical experiences – adds Jacek Mazurkiewicz.

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