Innercity Ensemble – IV CD


1. reKonstrukt 1 (feat. Freeze)
2. Massif in the Sand
3. Catalina
4. Albatros
5. The Great Kuyavian Meadows
6. Suave Machines
7. SuperGoblin
8. Extraterrestrial Antifascist Soup


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“IV” is a brand new album from Polish supergroup Innercity Ensemble (featuring members of Stara Rzeka, Alameda collective and Kapital). Album consists of 8 tracks that will take the listener far from band’s improvising roots.

“This time we decided to focus more on the post-production, including edits, overdubs and remixes,” explains Jakub Ziołek (guitar, voice). “This was driven mainly by the outcome of our recording session as well as a simple will to push our music further than before,” he adds.

One of the biggest surprises this time comes from Ziołek himself who decided to add vocals to 3 tracks, a move previously more in place with his other projects. “And that’s exactly why I decided to do it,” Ziołek laughs. “Innercity Ensemble was an instrumental band from the very beginning but I must admit that I have a constant urge of trying new things. What I enjoy most in music are nice songs,” Jakub says.

What makes Innercity Ensemble stand out is also the attitude that ignores members’ musical backgrounds, their technical skills and their instruments of choice. What really matters is their ability to listen to each other. “If you’d make me describe this collective from the genre standpoint, I would choose ‘fusion’ since my favourite music is created not within genres but between them,” Ziołek explains.

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