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[t-shirt is a Stanley/Stella Rocker. Check photo for sizing guide]

Available as a CD + t-shirt bundle. Please note: there are 2 versions of the t-shirt available. Variant 1 with a small logo on the left front and Variant 2 with a large logo on the back (with no print on the the front).

On April 1st 2023 Polish independent record label Instant Classic will release the third album from dubwave trio Dynasonic. Clocking in at a little over 30 minutes, “Dynasonic” consists of four tracks blending dub, illbient, post-techno and even some industrial elements.

„It took us quite a while to complete work on those tracks. What may have contributed to this longer effort is the fact that we decided to change our way of working and not rely entirely on improvisation,” admits Mateusz Rychlicki (drums, electronics). “This process took a form of playing with different puzzle pieces that don’t fall into place all at once. In the end, the final result turned out surprising even to us as musicians and composers,” he says.

When searching for inspiration, Rychlicki lists not only dubtechno (like e.g. Sil Electronics, Rhythm and Sound) but also some jazz heavyweights such as Monk, Mingus, Sanders and even some experimental bands like Japanese Goat and The Noup. „I had this undefined sound ringing in my head, something that brings to mind old analogue instruments clashing with crystalline electronics,” he explains. “I also felt we had to let out some frustrations that became part of our lives for the last year or so. A kind of group therapy exercise, if you will.”

If you’re not familiar with the term „dubwave” that defines Dynasonic from their earliest recordings, Rychlicki has some guidelines that may help you understand it. “I’ve always enjoyed people telling me that our music sounds like a mix of dub and techno but we’re also conscious of our origins and family roots in western Poland. Dub as a musical culture originates from Jamaica and is firmly rooted in the UK but we’re not pretending to be a part of it. Instead we decided to come up with our own label and follow our own path,” he adds.



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