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Middle West Espresso

ORGIN: Ethiopia
REGION: Sidamo
ELEVATION: 1900-2100 m.a.s.l.
VARIETAL: Heilroom
SENSORY PROFILE: bitter chocolate, citrus, jasmine, white flowers

If we drew the outlines of Ethiopia on the map of Europe, we would connect Gdańsk, Berlin, Zurich, Venice, Sarajevo, Sofia Bucharest, Odessa, Lviv and Białystok. In North America, we would fit all of Ontario, or the area between NY and Kansas. Turning the globe further we could fit both of Korea and Japan. We assumed that the coffee we roasted in cooperation with HAYB should have such a tastecapacity. This limited edition of beans from “the Horn of Africa” is accompanying the title track from Middle West. Song as bitter as dark chocolate, juicy screamed out with guitar textures of jasmine and white flowers notes. We are positive that by drinking this brew, you will be able to connect with the first humans whose remains were discovered in Ethiopia. The roots of old coffee varieties are deeper into the
soil than archaeologists. Hopefully after the third cup you will join the dancing goats of the herder Kaldi. It is believed that these animals were the first to discover the remarkable properties of coffee beans.

ROASTED ON: 11.11.2019
ROASTED BY: Dawid Zadara
WEIGHT: 250 gr

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