BNNT (BNNT is Resina) – Multiverse (Multiversion #3) CD


1. Inside the god’s stomach
2. Inside the bird’s stomach


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The music duet BNNT is considered a tribe, a herd and an art group. Now, the tribe turns out to be more complex than the duo we know. The group changes its structure by leaving the control in the hands of other musicians who use very different sound languages. They were asked to take over the name BNNT for a series of releases and concerts.

In the history of music we had to deal with serious lineup changes of bands still treated as a coherent organism.
Now BNNT changes its line-up in such different configurations as the solo cello project (Resina); electronic music with a club background (Sienkiewicz) or solo guitar project of Patrick Higgins (Zs). The results of this experiment have already been observed on the stage several times, now the band starts with a series of releases.

Between July and October BNNT repeatedly re-releases their last album in the same label (Instant Classic). Each subsequent re-edition of the Multiverse is another layer of the “parallel universe” – a different vision of this well-received album. That might cause confusion in the Discogs database, as those versions were recorded in different places, times, lineups and instrumentarium.

“Ceci n’est pas une pipe”

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