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“The Sum of All Flaws” is the title of a new EP from Ampacity – an improvising psychedelic band from Poland. Consisting of three largely instrumental tracks, the record comes out on 30th November 2016 via Instant Classic label.

This release marks ​the end of an era in band’s history – it’s a farewell to Ampacity’s keyboard player Marek Kostecki. “This is also very likely the last album recorded in this instrumental setting”, says guitarist Piotr Paciorkowski. “We’re not 100% sure if we’ll go on without the addition of keys but​ we​ would like to try discovering new sounds as a ​​four​-piece”, he adds.

It’s been only a year since Ampacity released their sophomore album “Superluminal” (Instant Classic 2015) which seems a novelty for the band that kept us waiting much longer after their debut “Encounter One” (Nasiono Records 2013). “This EP differs from our previous recordings, mainly due to the fact that two tracks were composed at home and finished during the rehearsals”, recalls Paciorkowski. “The third one was constructed around one riff and completed in the studio​ later​. This time we decided to limit the improvisational aspect of our music that somehow became ​our trademark”.

Contrary to previous (mostly instrumental) recordings, the title track has vocal parts performed by guitarist Jan Galbas. “Based on a natural will to learn about mystical and metaphysical aspects of what we call reality, I am asking some questions that most probably will remain unanswered”, says Galbas. “Trapped in a cage of time, consciousness seeks the primary sense of existence”, he adds.

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